Made from light weight, woven glass fibre similar to carbon fibre with black gloss gel coat finish (can also be supplied spray painted satin black) designed to fit ’04-’09 Exige. The full body kit consists of both the side skirts and the front splitter package. Both of which are uniquely shaped using 3D software and CNC machining to create a uniform mould that is both stylish & functional. The front splitter and side skirt kits can be bought separately.

Cost of full kit in black gloss finish: £550 +VAT = £660

February 2013 offer: £460 + VAT = £552

Postage and packaging not included.


Splitters & Side Skirts Price List:


Standard Exige Splitter: £120

Standard Elise S2 Splitter: £112.50

Race Exige Splitter – Black Gel Coat: £196

Race Exige Splitter – Satin Black: £240

Exige / Elise Side Skirts – Black Gel Coat: £380

Exige / Elise Side Skirts – Black Satin Finish: £446.50

All prices subject to VAT at 20%

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